What should i expect when i arrive?

You will be greeted by our friendly, professional wash attendants who will guide you through the simple process.

Here's what you need to do:

  • Fill both lanes when pulling into the line.

  • Purchase a wash from our wash expert.

  • Pull slowly around the curve and all the way up to the doorway. (The blue door opens automatically, pull forward!)

  • Stay Alert! Avoid distractions like cell phones.

  • Follow all of the attendant's directions.

  • Put your vehicle in neutral when asked.

  • Keep your feet off the brake and hands off the steering wheel.

  • Don’t brake or steer at any point inside the tunnel.

  • Shift into drive after you exit the tunnel.


We are in full control of the tunnel operation at all times. We may stop the car wash due to a couple factors:

  • The vehicle at the end of the tunnel did not exit when prompted.

  • The vehicle entering the tunnel did not follow the procedure outlined above.

  • We have a concern for a vehicle or equipment in the tunnel and need to inspect the situation.

Rest assured that everything is fine and will not affect your vehicle or wash quality!

DO i remain in my vehicle?

Yes. For safety reasons, there must be a driver at the wheel.

why don’t your employees accept tips?

The services we provide for you are included in the price of a wash. While we appreciate the offer, please don’t feel offended when we decline. Our attendants are recognized and awarded when you send us a message or leave us a voicemail with compliments to them. Our attendants know that anything they can do to keep you coming back is an incentive to them in the end.

Do you accept credit cards?

Yes. We accept all major credit cards.

How do I transfer my unlimited pass to my new car? 

If you get a new vehicle and would like to transfer your Unlimited Pass, stop by in your new vehicle & have your current active sticker number from your windshield handy. We'll verify some account information & get you a new sticker. This also applies if you replace your windshield due to damage.

My unlimited pass isn’t active or expired

Most of the time your Unlimited Pass account will expire or end because of a failed recharge attempt. This is likely do to an expired credit/debit card, or Insufficient funds at the time of the attempt. To remedy this, please provide us with a new or valid card and we’ll get you washing again.

Do you clean the inside of my vehicle?

We provide exterior-only wash services. We do have free to use vacuums on site if you wish to touch up the interior of your vehicle. We do ask that you please limit your time in order to accommodate anyone waiting to use the vacuums.

will my cracked windshield be safe?

Yes. However, once the windshield glass is compromised by cracks or chips it becomes more susceptible to changes in temperature. While you may wash your car with windshield damage, they may expand so it is always best to repair a damaged windshield right away! Clearwater is not responsible for any damage spawning from a cracked windshield.

Will my antenna be ok?

Aftermarket products such as CB and cell phone antennas should be removed or lowered before washing and power/telescoping antennas should be lowered when you arrive. Clearwater is not responsible for any damage to antennas.

Is Clearwater safe for convertibles?

Yes. Please make sure that the roof is properly and securely latched.

Do you hand dry my vehiCle?

We have a custom-designed drying room at the end of our wash process that uses 17 jet dryers and 2 heated dryers that generate 2,000,000 BTU's of heat to dry your vehicle. You won’t need to hand-dry your vehicle, but remember that no two vehicles are the same. You may notice some water droplets that appear after you exit our wash from some body trim and hatchback styling pieces. Most times this is unavoidable but please come talk to us if you have a concern.

Can you wash my pickup truck?

Almost certainly. We can wash almost every pickup truck. We cannot however wash any vehicle with dual tires. All we ask is that the pickup bed be completely empty of loose items before going through the wash. This is for the safety of your vehicle, other customers and our equipment. Also, some side-mirrors will need to be folded in or adjusted for us to accommodate your vehicle.

Your vehicle must adhere to the following measurements:

Overall height: Maximum 86"
Tire width: Maximum 13"
Ground clearance: Minimum 5"
Vehicle width: (measuring from inside the driver side tire to outside the passenger side tire): 72"

I have an unlimited pass, how do i cancel it?

You can call us (574-797-0658), manage your account online, or visit us in person and ask for your Unlimited Pass to be discontinued. You must notify us at least 7 days before your renewal date to avoid being charged for the following cycle. We cannot process refunds after your account renews. (Terms & Conditions)

have a question not covered here? ask us!

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