Snow & Ice

At Clearwater, we want to be as transparent as possible with our customers. The safety of your vehicle is our #1 priority. In a very close 2nd place, is the safety of our equipment. In order to maintain its safety, we may need to turn your vehicle away due to a variety of hazards. One of them is snow & ice. If your vehicle has what we would qualify as “excess” snow or ice, you may be turned away.

This includes but is not limited to snow and/or ice:

- behind tires or packed in wheel wells & mudflaps that can fall into & damage our conveyor chain

- in a truck bed, creating or covering potential fly-out hazards.

- on the roof of your vehicle that can fly off into our equipment & vehicles in front of or behind you

Please feel free to re-enter our line as soon as the hazards we note are removed!