Prepping: Why We Prep

You may be wondering, “Why does Clearwater spray my vehicle before I go through the wash?orWhy does Clearwater only spray with someone on the driver side of my vehicle?”

Here are some answers to these questions that may help provide clarity.

When Clearwater was first designed, the owners wanted to offer the very best washing equipment available in the industry. Because of that goal, Clearwater has a 150 foot tunnel full of fantastic equipment manufactured to clean your vehicle in a safe, and super efficient, and effective way! (Even more equipment was installed in October 2018 to help clean other tricky areas). There are several ways we achieve this goal.

You may have noticed by now in the fall & winter, that Clearwater has an employee stationed at the entrance of the tunnel while you are pulling into the car wash. This employee’s responsibility is to get your vehicle into the tunnel safely and to prep your vehicle before the wash. In fall & winter, there are no bugs, no sticky road grime, no “road trip” leftovers. Sand & salt very easily come off and 99% of the work is done in our soap application. Our soaps are specially formulated with varying pH levels to neutralize and remove dirt before you get to a brush.

Many people believe it is this employee’s job to actually spray or clean the entire vehicle before it  travels through the car wash. Clearwater refers to this employee position as Prepping. Think of prepping as "pre-treating" a stain in a shirt. This is the Prepper’s main objective, to help “pre-treat” what we call tricky spots of your vehicle. The trickiest spots on most vehicles are the front, windshield, and the back. Although the equipment installed throughout the tunnel is very effective, sometimes bugs and dirt stick to vehicles rather strongly (There are many reasons for this. Be on the lookout for a blog post explaining this further). This is why the Prepping position exists! While the car wash is designed to effectively “touch” your vehicle with soap and foam brushes, the unique body structure of vehicles and how they interact with the environment while you drive cause the front, windshield and back of vehicles to be tricky areas to clean.

While our wash will easily get these areas clean without prepping, our Prepper helps ensure these tricky areas are as clean as the rest of your vehicle once your washing experience is completed. These areas on your vehicle are easily accessible from the driver side of your vehicle. For efficiency and effectiveness, that is why a Clearwater Prepper stands on the driver side while they prep your vehicle.

Our Sellers and Preppers are trained to look at each vehicle that comes to the wash, and assess how dirty the vehicle is prior to entering the car wash. For instance, if you were to drive your vehicle down a very muddy road, your running boards, wheel wells, or side of your vehicle might be extra dirty! On special occasions like this, a 2nd Prepper may aid in knocking off that excess dirt before you go through the tunnel.

At the end of the day, Clearwater’s goal is to “Hit a home run with every wash!” - President Brian Catron. This is why we prep your vehicle.

If you have any further questions about our prepping process and why we do what we do, give Clearwater a call at 574-797-0658.